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Strangebyrds In A Few Words…
Strangebyrds - Cari Minor & Ray Smith, are internationally recognized singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists who craft award winning songs with a unique Folk/Rock Americana sound.

A Few More…
Strangebyrds - Cari Minor & Ray Smith are internationally recognized singer-songwriters who have made award-winning music together for twelve years and who hail from the mighty little town of Rollinsville, Colorado.  Before live audiences and in their recordings, Strangebyrds heartfelt talent, chemistry and harmonies are a captivating brew.  Their songwriting prowess and recordings have garnered numerous highly sought accolades in both National and International Singer-Songwriting Competitions.

Strangebyrds sixth album, "Shrieking Violets" (2023) and their previous album, "Highway Islands" (2022) were made possible by the support of their fans worldwide.

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"Cari and Ray are such bright lights and such incredibly talented performers and musicians. Plus the spark between them is irresistible. Their new album, Shrieking Violets is an absolute gem. A must have! I’m proud and privileged to know these two exceptional artists."

Helen Foster
Co-Host, Executive Producer and Creative Director - eTown.org

"I've always had high regard for Cari & Ray and Strangebyrds, but this new album - Highway Islands - is simply a masterpiece."

Darryl Purpose
Singer-Songwriter/ Radio Host

Great album. Really nice listen.  I enjoyed and listened to the entire album (a rare feat for me).

Chris Kresge
The Colorado Sound

"I've been listening to Strangebyrds new release, Highway Islands several times over the last few days, it's beautiful!
I love the songs and arrangements, their voices are wonderful together, and on top of all that the spirit they bring to it all is real and powerful."

Tim Burlingame
Sweet Talk Radio

"We feel extremely fortunate to have had  Strangebyrds, grace our place and create the unity through music that we critically need in 'times like these"

Dwight Jones
West End Lode House Concert Host

"Strangebyrds are music-making, story telling, heart opening, thought provoking, rabble-raising, deep loving, free flying byrd-humans who make the kind of music I call 'medicine music.' "

A. Fontenot, Farmer & Fan


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