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"Cari and Ray are such bright lights and such incredibly talented performers and musicians. Plus the spark between them is irresistible. Their new album, Shrieking Violets is an absolute gem. A must have! I’m proud and privileged to know these two exceptional artists."
- Helen Forster, Co-Host, Executive Producer and Creative Director - eTown.org


Awards for Strangebyrds original song “The World Needs Mercy” written for the documentary film “Common Thread” by Frank Fazzio. 

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Highway Islands: Strangebyrds Signature Folk/Rock-Americana 

"I've been listening to Strangebyrds album, Highway Islands several times over the past few days, it's beautiful.  I love the songs and arrangements, your voices are wonderful together and on top of all that, the spirit you bring to it all is real and powerful".  
- Tim Burlingame, Sweet Talk Radio

Strangebyrds Kicking Cancer with Shrieking Violets: A Rock Album

On the heels of their successful 2022 release, Highway Islands, Strangebyrds found themselves back in their Byrd Nest Recording Studio writing a brand-new album, a Rock album - Shrieking Violets!

With Ray's cancer diagnosis as their impetus, they began to write their sixth studio album with music being their catalyst for a cure and a way to beat this monster down...


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